Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Kent ISD provides services to students who are deaf and hard of hearing based on level of need and methodology. 

  • Audiology and Assistive Technology Services - For deaf and hard of hearing students that need accommodations within their classrooms, audiology and teacher consultant services are provided.
  • Oral Deaf (Auditory Oral Program) - The Oral Deaf Program provides specialized instruction, in order to develop skills in listening and spoken language, so that every student may fully participate in academic and social opportunities within their school and community.
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing (Total Communication Program) - The Total Communication Program provides access and instruction in American Sign Language, spoken English, or a combination of both to ensure that every deaf and hard of hearing student develops a full language and can gain meaningful education.

Michigan Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Website  

For more information on Early Hearing Intervention, please contact:


Lindsey VanDyke

Early On Coordinator
Phone: 616.365.2377